Cece, a Goffin’s Cockatoo

Caged birds make wonderful companions.  Hookbills and softbills are categories of the two most common types of companion birds.

Hookbills are parrots.  Parrots are available in an almost endless array of colors, sizes, and prices. Ranging from a small Budgie, also commonly known as a Parakeet, to a large Greenwing Macaw, parrots can make excellent companion birds.  Some parrots can even learn to talk and communicate with us in a way no other pets can.  Softbill is a bit of a misnomer.  Their bills aren’t’ really soft, but are shaped in a more straight form.  Softbills include finches, canaries, pigeons, and doves as well as the more exotic mynahs and toucans.  Choosing the right companion bird can make all the difference in the final satisfaction of the new bird owner.

HDBC can help you learn how to choose the appropriate bird to best match your personal situation.  We can also provide valuable information on every phase of the bird owning experience.  Through HDBC, you can gain knowledge and insight on the proer diet, housing and training for your companion bird.

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