Bird Rescue

A companion bird may end up in a rescue for a variety of reasons.  A bird owner may become unable or unwilling to keep or properly care for a companion bird.  Reasons may include a change of family status, relocation, financial problems, or bird behavior issues such as excessive noise or biting.  Animal control authorities may also confiscate a bird due to neglect or abuse.

Fostering or adopting a rescue bird can be very challenging and rewarding.  Rescue birds may have significant physical and emotional baggage.  They often require time and patience to bring out the loving companion they may be.  The reward of helping a distressed bird restore to mental and physical health is priceless.

HDBC assists in re-homing rescue birds and can provide the foster and/or adoptive parents with advice and assistance in this process.

Click on the drop-down links on the Bird Rescue tab to view birds available for adoption and to download forms for bird surrender, foster, or adoption.

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